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Elation is a sustainable and ethically focused, lifestyle brand created for the women who feel at home in the sea. We focus on developing an everlasting love towards our products, our people and our planet.
We aim to inspire, educate and provide greener solutions to create a wave of change for a clean, harmonious future.
Fabrics and Fibres
Repreve – A buttery soft, high quality fabric made from 100% recycled polyester yarns, such as plastic water bottles.
ECONYL – A regenerated yarn produced from pre and post-consumer waste, such as ghost fishing nets and industrial plastics rescued from our oceans and landfills. When recovered, these fibres are returned to their original purity and strength, making them suitable to be recycled anytime. Perfect for a closed loop production solution.
Why do we use regenerated materials?
By using regenerated Nylon fabrics, we are significantly reducing the demand for new resources, such as crude oil. This automatically decreases Carbon Emissions and our Global Warming impact.
Throughout our manufacturing process, we have and will continue to choose the most environmentally friendly practices possible to reduce waste ending up in our landfills and oceans. All of our signature fabrics are digitally printed using eco-friendly certified dyes. This ensures the most accuracy and highest quality of colour in our prints and is a much cleaner and greener way of fabric dying.
We are dedicated to creating a long term, trustworthy relationship with all of our makers. If it wasn’t for their passion, our sketches wouldn’t come to life. 
Our Balinese manufacturer are aligned with our principles and values about ethical and sustainable production.  Have faith in knowing that all of the factory employees are provided with appropriate healthcare for the individual, spouse and up to three children. They are paid well above the living wage and they have a comfortable, safe, supportive work environment.
 Thank you for consciously shopping for our oceans!