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Elation is a lifestyle inspired by our deep love for the ocean. We honour the connection between our people and the planet, and through awareness and providing greener solutions we can be the wave of change towards a healthier future.


We recognise that fast fashion threatens human health and our planet. That’s why we take pride in our values by investing into sustainable design practices and processes, to provide you with high quality products.



By using fabrics containing recycled fibres, we are reducing the demand for valuable resources such as water, energy, and fossil fuels. These fibres are rescued from post-consumer waste, recovered to their original purity, and recreated into brand new, premium products.


  • ECONYL is 100% regenerated nylon fibres from waste such as fishnets and industrial plastics.
  • REPREVE is a performance fibre made from 100% recycled P.E.T such as plastic water bottles.



Our signature fabrics are digitally printed with OEKO-TEX certified dyes, meaning there are no nasty or harmful chemicals used that impact the planet or human health. Digital printing is a greener printing process that enhances colour vibrancy while reducing water usage and fabric wastage from colour bleeds.



As of 2021, Elation’s swimwear is mindfully hand-crafted on the East Coast of Australia.


We made the transition to a smaller supply chain to build a strong, face-to-face connection with our makers. The love and skill our creators put into each garment is crucial to our products' longevity; and by supporting Australian makers, we are favouring our Australian economy.


We are aiming to be a part of the circular solution by minimising single-use plastics and replacing these with more natural alternatives, such as recyclable or compostable packaging to protect our natural environment.


Because the little things count.

Join the wave of change today.