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Please hand wash your garments in your Guppyfriend, it is the best and safest option for the environment. A Guppyfriend washing bag helps reduce microfibres shedding from your swimsuit and polluting our waterways. By washing your pieces in cold water, you are retaining the colour brightness, shape and longevity.
 - Always rinse your swimwear in cold water after every use. By getting rid of chlorine and salt this maintains the strength of the fibres while reducing the impact of microplastics shedding in the ocean. 
 - Please only air dry your garments in the shade, this method will refresh and remove odours naturally!
 - Always avoid wringing or twisting, direct sunlight and rough surfaces.
 - If your swimsuit has tanning oil or sunscreen marks, use a natural, delicate, biodegradable detergent.
The more love you show your garment, the longer it will last.