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The natural moon.

The natural moon.
Our time of the month is completely normal, we should never be ashamed of being female. As women, we have the right to choose what we are inserting into our bodies and should always cherish our temples.
Recently, I visited the local chemist to purchase a new menstrual cup. I couldn’t find it on the shelves, so I lined up at the counter and was asked by the pharmacist ‘Are you right?” I responded to ask in a friendly manner where their moon cups were when I was greeted with a disgusted look up and down, “No we don’t stock those things.” This experience crushed me. Not only did I leave feeling dirty and judged, but I was also mortified at the fact that people are still so close minded and uneducated!
Are you aware that sanitary products like tampons and pads are designed with a little to a lot of plastic? Tampons and pads come packaged in plastic, have plastic leak-proof liners, strings and some brands come with a plastic applicator. That’s a lot, right? 
Prior to using a moon cup, I was unaware of the waste I was producing and was never educated on natural alternatives.
 Statistics show that every female worldwide creates 136kgs of disposable period products in a lifetime. That’s almost equivalent to an adult Harp Seal! Not only are menstrual hygiene products wasteful, when they are disposed of incorrectly and flushed down the toilet, they end up in the ocean causing havoc to our wildlife.
It was only at the beginning of last year that I made the switch to a menstrual cup and I wish I had done it sooner. I know it may be intimidating at first, but I can’t recommend this option enough! I have never looked back at using period disposables.
~ Menstrual cups don’t just reduce the amount of waste and the environmental impact we have on the Earth, they’re BPA free, have no added chemicals, dyes or plastics!
~ They’re affordable. You end up saving money in the long run. 
~ Just breathe. Your mind will be at ease knowing that you have up to 8 hours protection depending on your flow. Especially if you love being outdoors! 
~ My favourite brand is the Diva cup as they offer different models, shapes and sizes depending on your age and flow. They even have a plant-based, natural cleanser that protects your silicone cup and PH balance of your body.
~ Relax, it gets easier every time. Fold your cup into a U shape and insert horizontally into your vagina. If you feel discomfort or have a leakage, then it isn’t in properly. Take it out my pinching the base of the cup and twisting it around to release the vacuum seal. Take a deep breath in, be gentle and try again.
~ Wash your hands before and after. Always.
~ Is it your first time? Submerge your cup in boiling water for 5-10 minutes to begin.
Rinse your cup in cold water between emptying! When you’re in the shower wash with your natural cleanser or diva wash.
~ Menstrual cups can last up to 10 years, although they can differ depending on the brand you’re using and whether you’re cleaning your cup properly! If you notice a strong odour, cracks, holes or stickiness after cleaning then it’s time to part ways and purchase a replacement.
I hope I have encouraged you to make the right decision to switch. Begin now, love your body and the Earth we have all been gifted with. Stop inserting foreign nasties into your body and make the swap now. You won’t regret it.

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Love this article Kellie!! :) I’ve been also using the diva cup too! Now my girls day every month is way more comfortable than the time I was using pads and tampons ;)

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