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Elation offers the Afterpay payment method at the checkout.
Fortnightly installments of four equal payments.
Can spend up to $1000.  
How to successfully use Afterpay:
Select Afterpay when selecting your payment method during checkout.
The customer will then be taken to create an Afterpay account or enter login details if you're an existing customer.
Following the Afterpay steps to create an account, you will need to enter your payment method.
For an order to be approved the first installment must be available on your card at the time of purchase.
When returning items when using Afterpay, please follow Elation's refund policies as normal and you will be refunded by Afterpay. 
NOTE: If you fail to make an instalment payment, an additional late fee of $10 will be added by Afterpay. 
To visit Afterpay's terms and conditions please click here.
If you have any further enquires about Afterpay, please contact the Elation team on
Thank you.