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Hi, I'm Kellie. I live on the East Coast of Australia, surrounded by everything that makes me happy, the bush and the ocean. From a young age I spent most of my days connected to the water. I believe that the ocean is your teacher in life and can bring so much fulfilment. The sea keeps you humble yet can make you so powerful.
Throughout my life I have been extremely lucky to have travelled to remote locations across the world to find quiet surf breaks. I have always been mesmerised by the simplicity of traditions and cultures but disturbed by the confronting amount of plastic pollution. It was my trip to Sri Lanka that sparked my creativity to begin Elation and ever since I have been trusting my intuition to guide my way.
From my experiences, I have learnt to live everyday with purpose and follow my passions. I believe that I was born to surf so I could smile and radiate my happiness to others. I hope that by exploring my journey through Elation, I can create a sustainable lifestyle for many women across the globe and make the world a better place.
Each piece designed has been inspired by the island life to never leave behind.